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About the memorial park

The Brothers In Arms Memorial Park wants to commemorate all pairs of brothers and sisters who fought together in de First World War and of whom at least 1 was killed during the war. The memorial park also intends to have people reflecting on the impact of war on families worldwide. 

About Andy Malengier

Andy Malengier (°1971, Ypres) is a renowned landscape architect located in Zonnebeke. He is well-known for his designs of cemeteries and memorial sites. His philosophy is simple: the designs should have a positive effect on the well-being of the visitors and the further development of the outer space.


As a child, Andy loved the outdoors: playing in nature and drawing scenes on paper. At the age of 15, Andy took lessons at the St Luke’s Artistic College in Ghent. There he was confronted with more than drawing: architecture, painting, design, art history, and so on… This course proved to be the perfect step towards studies in bio-science and landscape architecture at the University of Ghent.


After graduating Andy decided to get more experience in landscape architecture and worked with several companies. He started a course on Monument & Landscape Preservation (at the Antwerp Academy), but did not finish the course as he was appointed as Head of City Parks in Wervik. Just 3 years later he founded his own company and is now active on different fronts: private gardens, public spaces, funerary arts, business parks, … and so on. He won the International Funeral Award in 1999 with his design for the new cemetery in Wervik, and added IFA Awards and other prestigious awards to his name in 2004 and 2007.

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