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About the memorial park

The Brothers In Arms Memorial Park wants to commemorate all pairs of brothers and sisters who fought together in de First World War and of whom at least 1 was killed during the war. The memorial park also intends to have people reflecting on the impact of war on families worldwide. 

About Louis Laumen


Louis Laumen (°1958) is a bronze sculpture artist from Melbourne. After moving from the Netherlands to Australia at the age of 2, Louis can be described as a true Aussie. He graduated with distinction at the Victorian College of Arts in 1984 as Graduate of Fine Art (Sculpture). He became sculpture instructor for the National Gallery Society Summer School and started teaching sculpture art at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Since 1995 Louis Laumen has been a fulltime professional artist.


His oeuvre of totally different sculptures is impressive: the Sir Thomas More statue at Speaker’s Garden in Sydney, the Barry Davis portrait bust in Essendon Football Club Hall of Fame, the Pastor Sir Doublas and Lady Gladys Nichols Memorial at Parliament Gardens in Melbourne and of course also the ‘Pompey’ Elliot Statue in Sturt St Ballarat. Recently he also completed a series of horsemen for the Boer War Memorial in Canberra.

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